Your Partner 4 Sales 

  • Key Account Management Retail Chains
  • Sales management Wholesaler
  • Promotional business with discounters

Key Account Management for international producers

Development Agent in Vienna / Restaurant Owner
Market preparation for Subway in Austria
Link between Subway Headquater (USA) Subway DACH headquarters and the franchisees.

Managing director or partner
Exclusive sales div. Computer games producers for Austria (e.g. Topware)
Development of special offer of PC and video games retail in Austria
Development and supplier of PC and video games campaigns for Hofer and Aldi Switzerland

Director Central Purchasing
Senior purchasing manager for Libro, Amadeus (Thalia) and lion.cc
Libro 220 branches, Amadaeus (Thalia) 30 branches, Lion cc (Internet)

Position: Managing Partner
Electronics, Accessories, Innovative Consumer Products
Long-distance importer and supplier for retail chains (Leiner, Kika, Libro, Zielpunkt etc.)
Development and import of private label products for Libro
Import and market launch and sales of the 3D cameras from „Image Tech“ as well as organisation of film development for Austria.

Position: Managing Director
Opening, start and development of a sales office for Austria
Customer acquisition and support of customers in retail Traditional & Non Traditional

Position: Purchasers / Divisional managers / Authorized signatory & purchasing manager
Purchasing Manager Entertainment and Electronics
Private label development for accessories and electronics (Selectronics, VIP Video)
Purchasing Management
Collaboration in organisational development for the expansion from 22 to 120 branches